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day to die. he kept asking, you know, where are the snipers? why don't i see snipers? you guys will be heros if you make it out alive. >> two of the hostages from the discovery building standoff are talking to fox 5 about their horrifying ordeal. christopher wood and jim mcnulty withheld against their will for 4 hours by an estranged man. paul wagner joins us live in the newsroom with their story. >> reporter: brooip, jim and christopher knew pretty quickly they were dealing with a deeply troubled man. the things he was saying were off the wall. on their own, the men decided to lie in hopes james lee would buy their stories. they didn't want him to know what they really did for discovery. >> you know, i almost called. >> reporter: jim mcnulty says he wasn't a hostage long before realizing if he was going to live, he had to come up with a
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story. >> the last thing i need to tell him is that i'm a producer. so i thought i'd come up with something innocuous to make myself just kind of fade into the background that i wasn't important. >> reporter: christopher wood did the same thing. >> i didn't want him to know what i did or how i affected communications so i i was an ad man and he asked me what that was and i said i file papers. >> i have a bomb. >> reporter: police made contact. >> he made the guard put it on speaker so we heard every word from both sides of the negotiator and lee. >> reporter: he ordered both of them to stand, he wanted to know if they had kids. >> and i told him i lied to him and i said i was in schedule and didn't think i could keep track of two and i had yes, sir i had two. who told you to have kids? no one, sir.
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>> no one, you just wents and did it -- you just went and did t you had to make someone who would love you. >> he asked me if i had kids and he asked me am i going to have kids and he said can you promise me that and i said yes. i was just giving him anything, one word answers to get him to leave me alone. >> reporter: jim said at one moment he saw a sleeve after garment and realized s.w.a.t was in the lobby. lee was wondering where they were. >> where are the snipers? why don't you see snipers? you guys will be heros if you make it out alive. >> reporter: with the tension rising, christopher wood said he was determined to make it out alive. he started to signal mcnulty and the security guard. >> i mouthed the word run to him and i shook his head yes and i started making movements with my body to get jim's attention. >> reporter: police opened fire, lee fell dead. for mcnulty and wood it was
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answered prayers. >> obviously it was traumatic for everybody that was there. we just happened to be the two in the most immediate danger, but all of my co-workers endured something really traumatic that day. >> reporter: the third man held hostage that day has so far declined to tell his story. he was the security guard ton damage. mcnulty and wood praised him for staying calm. you can watch these interviews on, they're riveting. again, you can find that on our website, it's right under the hot topics bar on the home page. the doctors shot at johns hopkins hospital is in fair condition tonight. baltimore police say paul pardus from arlington shot him, barricaded himself in a room and killed his mother and then
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himself. dr. david cohen was his surgeon. johns hopkins is reviewing its security procedures to look for any needed improvements. . the edge following a developing story tonight. a toddler has died after getting entangled in drapery cords. it happened this afternoon at a home onto 900 block of northampton drive in silver springs. the police say there are no signs of foul play. the department of social services is investigating. u.s. capitol police shot an armed man this morning. it happened early this morning on capitol hill. officers fired after they say the suspect pointed a gun at them. matt ackland live on the hill with more. >> reporter: authorities were so concerned early this morning about all of this that they locked down the buildings here on capitol hill. let me set the scene for you. we're on the other side of the camera is the capitol dome, rayburn building so this is a high security area. this all started around 5:00 this morning near first and independence. that's where the guy was spotted with the gun. and then right behind my
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shoulder here, the guy apparently ran south here to c and third. you can see that inter section right there. that is where police caught up with him. if we take you to some video you can see the scene as crime scene investigators comb through the evidence. apparently the man police say then lifted a handgun that he had and pointed it at the officers. the officers had no other choice but to fire shots at the man. apparently he was hit three times and then taken to a local hospital. . >> brandishing a weapon at a police officer usually doesn't end well and the officers have to take into consideration whether their lives are in danger or whether the lives of the people who are immediately around are in danger. >> reporter: brian, there are still so many questions having to do with this early morning shooting. we still do not know the identity of the man, why was he here? we've been asking those questions all day long. was he targeting someone on
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capitol hill? police aren't giving us any information at this point. we'll stay on top of it for you, though. back to you. >> matt ackland reporting live on the capitol. fenty did win a primary just not the one he wanted. democrats voted no but the city's republicans wanted him to be their candidates. with 822 votes he won the gop primary as a write-in. the board of elections says he wasn't a member of the party on primary day. grey had this to say. >> we'll see what happens going forward. i guess it's his decision to make but the impression i've had from him up to and including the democratic breakfast yesterday was that he doesn't intend to be anything other than that democrat. >> fenty released a statement late today something in part the republican nomination is recognition of the great progress the city has seen. he will not accept. president obama says she will be a fierce advocate for all americans.
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still ahead on the edge, the president has an agency aimed and protecting consumers. details on the the alleged confrontation between natalie holo way's mom and the man suspected in her disappearance. >> we have a man who says that her husband and children are being held at their house. >> and that woman's last moments are being played out in a courtroom in connecticut. why some say police didn't do enough to stop an unthinkable crime. j d
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. did natalie holoway's mother confront the suspect in her daughter's death. her name doesn't appear on the registry in the prison where van der sloot is held. the dutchman is the suspect in holoway's disappearance in aruba in 2005. being held on charges of killing another woman in peru in may. new details in a connecticut home invasion trial. police are facing tough questions about whether they could have stopped the death of jennifer pettitte and her two daughters. they warned they would kill her husband and daughters if she called police. >> we have a lady who is in our bank right now who says that her husband and children are being held at their house, that the people are in a car outside the
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bank, she's getting $15,000 to bring out to them, that if the police are told they will kill her children and the husband. >> the victim returned to her house where the suspects assaulted her and her daughters before torching the home killing them. her husband was severely beaten escaped. still ahead on the edge, why lawmakers think too much power is being placed in one of the president's old friends. >> will you support repealing this law on tuesday and pledge to them that no american's life is more important than another? >> why the singing sensation lady gaga had a hard time getting her message across. a nose piercing controversy in north carolina. aryana lacana wears her nose ring as a religious symbol. they're members of the charge of
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body modification. but the school dress code forbids such piercing. 
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. president put power over the nation's credit market in the hands of one of his old friends today but while the news
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so-called consumer protection czar is the answer to run away wall street practices, some say they're being silenced. credit card companies mortgage lepders and anyone else in -- lenders and anyone else in the financial world got a new person to answer to. >> the consumer financial protection bureau will be a watch dog for the american consumer. >> reporter: at the white house, president obama called elizabeth warren a friend from law school and tapped her as his new consumer protection advisor. >> thank you, mr. president. >> reporter: the president says the agency will make sure financial companies are treating their customers fairly, especially after the collapses in the housing, credit, and banking markets. >> never again will folks be confused or misled by the pages of barely understandable fine print that you find in credit cards or student loans. >> the borrower is always right and the lender is a predator is
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mistaken. >> reporter: this man says warren is too much of a wall street foe to now work with the industry. he worries her appointments sends the wrong message to consumers. >> once again the argument that some silver bullet regulator is going to come in and protect us from our own errors is incorrect. >> reporter: critics are taking issue not only with who is being named to this new consumer protection position but how because as only an advisor to president obama, elizabeth warren does not have to be confirmed by the u.s. senate. the president says warren will help him set up the new agency and choose its first leader. some senators say anyone with that much power should have to answer to lawmakers first. >> this is like the czar of all czars. let's talk about process. the fact is that this person, the process of circumvented because the president knows this person cannot be confirmed. >> reporter: and while the president was careful not to
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call her a czar, the rules she is creating could make her the new wizard of wall street. tom fitzgerald, fox5 news. lady gaga urging her fans to call their senators to ask them to repeel the don't ask, don't tell law. the law prevents gays from serving openly in the military. on video she tried to call her senators but couldn't get through. she says she won't stop trying until she can deliver this message. >> my name is stephanie joe angelina jermanata. i'm asking to repeal don't ask don't tell and oppose john mccain's shameful fill buster. >> the senator is expected to vote on whether to repeal the law on tuesday. . well, i've been looking forward to this weekend. i can't lie to you, for a couple of days now. and it has stayed solid.
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>> right now, if you really been scrutinising the forecast you'll notice a little bit after difference here. >> warming up. >> maybe for the better. no, cooling down just a little bit. >> all right. >> i brought tomorrow's temperatures down a couple of dedegrees, as well as i think sunday, too. >> all right. >> something in there. but it does look like whatever your plans are this weekend, whether you're going to be indoors, outdoors, get outdoors as much as you can because this is the great september weather. we start off cool, temperatures in the 50s tomorrow morning in the suburbs, we're going to warm up to right around 80 degrees tomorrow for a high temperature. now, some of us will be up into the lower 80s. relatively humidity is nice and low and skies completely blue. great weekend. not a bad evening. 73 right now. 82 for reagan national. dulles was 890. these are the highs -- 80.
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these are the highs for today. rain not much. even though we had the showers moving through yesterday and last night and then some thunderstorms, too, didn't pick up much rain. so 81 degrees for saturday, and again, if you've been scrutinising this weekend's forecast for the last few days, i've lowered this one for tomorrow just a little bit and bumped sunday up by one degrees, okay? and it looks like sunday afternoon we'll probably have a few high clouds. it won't be enough to obscure the sunshine. rain pulling off, cold front moves through. you get these fair weather clouds behind the front, and that's what we've had today. kind of that mixture of clouds and sun. but any cloud cover that's substantial has pushed to the south and to the east of us. these little fair weather clouds will dissipate with sunset so we should be in really, really good shape this evening and overnight tonight, and the winds will calm down just a little bit and
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temperatures out there tonight, especially in the suburbs, dropping right down into the 50s, okay? so going to be very, very nice. we still have two hurricanes out in the atlantic. hurricane julia barely a hurricane now, winds 75 miles per hour. hurricane igor finally beginning to weaken. no longer a major hurricane, and that is going to be very, very good for bermuda. julia is going to move on off to the north, no harm, no foul there. but igor which has been around for seems like so long now will come right up by bermuda, probably bring them substantial wind, in excess of hurricane force for probably eight to ten hours, and they'll have tropical storm force winds or greater, maybe as much as 24 to 36 hours long. so they're going to get beat up a little bit by igor. mostly clear tonight, chilly for the suburbs. 60 in town, 50s in the suburbs.
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we start off on the chilly side tomorrow, but with the sunshine we'll warm up quite nicely. and most of us will be in the upper 70s and the lower 80s. there's your weekend forecast. monday we cool off a little bit, tuesday looks good, wednesday looks good. it's september. this is the way we like it around here. >> it's beautiful. skins getting ready to take on the texans. why this is a reunion for the coaches on both sides of the field. rumors are swirling about who will perform at the super bowl in 2010. the website sports by is reporting the black eyed peas will take the halftime show. by the way, performs on every award show or publicized gathering ever held.   ♪i got a feeling. ♪ 
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. good evening, shanahan sat out last season and enjoyed watching at a fan. the one team he watched every weekend was the redskins next opponents the texans. today the skins continued game prep and haynesworth was wack back on the practice field after spraining his ankle on wednesday. he's listed as questionable for sunday's game. meanwhile the redskins offense is trying to come together after
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failing to score a touchdown against dallas, but shanahan knows his offense is a work in progress. >> you know, our tempo is better. but it just takes some time. you never know when it's going to come together. you're working to have those perfect practices and we haven't had one of those yet and we keep working at it. but i like the attitude, i like the direction we're going. >> when you're learning and new to something, it never goes the way you want it until you go out there and get the repetitions. and only way we can really get to where we need to be at is just keep doing it over and over and over. >> when the texans and skins clash on sunday, there will be ten coaches who were members of the same broncos staff back in 2002 and these two teams know each other very well. shanahan worked under texan head coach for four seasons and shanahan played a major roll in kubiak's coaching career. >> everything i know from a pro
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football standpoint as a football coach is from mike. not only played for him as player, but he gave me my chance in san fransisco, coached quarterbacks there and took me to denver to be his coordinator and i wasn't ready, but he made me ready real fast in the way he made me go about my business and helping me and, you know, just i owe a great deal to him. >> tomorrow afternoon maryland has a chance to start their season 3-0 the the only problem, the last three times the terps had that chance west virginia played the role of spoiler. so it's back to west virginia and a rematch. maryland will also be looking to end a four-game losing skid to number 21 west virginia who is 2-0 this year. last weekend against morgan state the terps had their highest scoring output in 35 years in a 62-3 rout. this weekend is a much bigger challenge. >> i think this is another test for us from a team standpoint.
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number one to play on the road in a hostile environment against a very good football team. number two, is to play, you know, in a game the more we win the bigger the games get and i think this is a big game for us. i think we'll learn a lot about who we are after this game. >> a couple of final notes, the nationals visit the philly tonight without morgan. the orioles are hosting the yankees. back to you. >> tonight you have the news edge. the news is always on beautiful weekend. friday night shaping up to be awesome. go out and enjoy here tonight . the news edge at 11 if you want to stop by. see you. a
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words alone aren't enough. our job is to listen and find ways to help workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. we'll keep restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right.
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